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9/28/2021 Updates

GoPay has been fixed and payments have been completed.  Payments will be released on September 30, 2021. 

Injuries/Sportsmanship Please be sure to elevate ANY issues with coaches or parents to Rob Meyer after the game, even if you don't think much of it.  Parents do provide feedback and I have encouraged coaches to provide it.  Again, 98% of it is overwhelmingly positive!  Also, let the coaches and players know when you see good sportsmanship on the field, they like that and it reiterates the good for the game!  Send Rob Meyer a note too.

Spectators Parents may NOT be behind the goals or behind the end line of fields, particularly at Cal Middle and Land Park.  It is highly unsafe.  If you need to move parents, ask the land park coach to do it.

Whistles I will be providing Fox40 Whistles for Land Park referees doing their first center!

9/23/2021 Updates

Showing up on time Please continue to arrive 30 minutes BEFORE the game time.  Confirm your field and your referee crews.  I encourage you to put contact information into your phones, in case you are delayed or will be coming from another field.

Check In - For younger kids please make sure basic safety is maintained. U8 can be flexible with rosters and such.  U10 and above please make sure you have the players identified with player pass or roster.  U12 and above - please have players identified by number one the game card.

No Jewelry or casts - you must check in the player and have them remove visible earrings BEFORE the check in is complete.  No tape over earrings.  If they aren't checked in properly, simply have the player sub off and remove the jewelry before returning to play.  

Communication with coaches and players - Please and Thank You are your strongest tools.  Introduce yourself and your fellow referees.  Have fun with the players and smile.

Water breaks - If it is hot and during the afternoon games, you have teams ask for a water break. Give them a minute in the middle of the half but keep it to a minute. 

Incidents and Injuries - please elevate to me if something odd happens, if you have a severe injury (e.g. broken bone) or have a concussion protocol (removing a player who has hit his/her head).  As this is recreational soccer, safety is PARAMOUNT. It is better to stop a game to make sure a player is okay than to deal with angry coaches and players that will yell when a player is on the field crying or in distress.  No one will fault you for stopping the game appropriately to address injury.  Keep a note for yourself just in case I need detail later.

Availability - Please enter your availability as early as you know I will assign on Saturday night each week.  Please include "Land Park preferred in your comments," this will help other assignors as well.  If you are playing let me know via text when you game is and when you can referee.

8/28/2021 Updates

Unfortunately the smoke is creating unplayable conditions.  Two parts of this update are Scheduling and Referee Availability.


Land Park will honor the assignments that you accepted for ANY u14, u16 and u19 games that have been cancelled due to smoke.  This includes 8/21 and 8/28 games.  If you were assigned, you will have first rights to the reassigned games.  If you are UNABLE to referee the reassigned game, I will do everything possible to prioritize you for any games for your availability.  I know this is not ideal but I want to make sure you understand we will do everything to make sure your time and efforts are compensated.  

All cancellations and postponements due to smoke will be considered the same as rain out.  We will replay schedule permitting.  As it stands now, games that have been impacted by smoke will be rescheduled on Sundays in September and October.  There will be a few games schedules conditions permitting on September 4,  2021.


The best thing you can do to assist me in rescheduling is entering your availability into Game Officials.  Here is a video on how to do this.

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Land Park Soccer Club


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